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What to Expect from Your Child’s Dental Visit

Child’s Dental Visit

Child’s Dental Visit You can schedule an appointment for your child with a family dentist in West County of St. Louis as soon as his or her first tooth begins to grow. Taking care of your child’s teeth and gums plays a crucial role in ensuring your child is off to a healthy start in life. If your child develops a dental disease that is left untreated, he or she can suffer serious oral health problems, including gum disease.

Daily brushing, good nutrition, and regular dental visits can all help prevent dental disease and cavities. Children learn healthy dental habits from their parents and caregivers, so it’s important to be a positive role model and continue to schedule your own appointments with the dentist. At your child’s first appointment, your family dentist will learn about your child’s health history and conduct a complete oral exam. This allows your dentist to check the growth and development and detect any oral health issues. Your dentist will also clean your child’s teeth and provide suggestions for daily dental care. He or she can also tell you if your child is getting enough fluoride.