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Dental Implants

A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth in St. Louis

Whether you’re missing teeth due to injury, disease, or tooth decay, dental implants can permanently restore and protect your mouth and teeth for years to come! At West County Dental in St. Louis, we’ve performed dental implant surgery for more than ten years. If you or someone you love has lost one or more teeth, let our expert staff determine if dental implants are a viable solution!

Dental implants can last a lifetime!

Dental implants are as close as you can come to a new, natural tooth. Once in place, dental implants protect your jaw and surrounding teeth in ways that dentures and dental bridges cannot. Dental implants provide a permanent, replacement solution that is almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Our dental implant procedure could entail:

  • Precision-guided keyhole surgery that can be completed in a single visit
  • Placement of a titanium screw that permanently anchors to your jaw bone
  • Minimal amount of manipulation of the soft tissue
  • Shorter recovery time than with traditional methods

To see if dental implants are right for you, call West County Dental at (314) 821-2712 and schedule an appointment.

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