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  • Benefits of Same Day Crowns

    If you’ve got a tooth that’s badly damaged, sometimes it will need to be extracted. In other cases, though, the damaged tooth can be repaired with a crown. Crowns look like a natural part of the tooth, and when a dental crown is used to cap damaged teeth, it strengthens the tooth and protects it from sustaining further damage. The problem, traditionally, has been that getting a tooth crown takes several appointments.

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  • Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal?

    Has your dentist or endodontist suggested that you might need a root canal? A root canal is performed to deal with pain and infection inside a tooth. To address these issues, the dentist makes a hole in the interior of the tooth with a drill, then uses dental files to remove soft tissue. After this is completed, the outside structure of the tooth must be restored. Does this always require a crown? It largely depends on your unique situation, but in most cases, you will need a dental crown after a root canal procedure.

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