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  • Reasons You Need a Dental Filling

    Reasons You Need a Dental Filling

    A dental filling is a straightforward procedure that can generally be performed in your dentist’s office during the course of one visit. There are a number of reasons why your family dentist in St. Louis may advise you that a dental filling is necessary. Keep reading to learn a few of the most common reasons why patients require dental fillings.

    During a routine cleaning, your dentist will examine your teeth to check for any signs of tooth decay. If your dentist discovers a cavity on any of your teeth, he or she will recommend either a filling or another course of action such as a root canal procedure. Toothache and sensitivity to hot and cold sensations are some of the most common symptoms of a cavity, so if you experience these symptoms, call your dentist.

    Tooth Fractures
    Fractured teeth can also be treated with fillings. If you have suffered a tooth fracture—whether because of trauma to your tooth, biting into a hard piece of food, or another incident—it is important to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Tooth fractures can become significantly worse if they are not addressed right away, and they can lead to bacterial infections in your mouth.

    Replacing an Old Filling
    All fillings may eventually need to be replaced. Pressure from chewing, as well as clenching or grinding your teeth, can take a toll on older fillings. Over time, these factors can cause fillings to chip, crack, or even fall out. Bacteria can also accumulate in the cavity left from a missing or improperly positioned filling and lead to infections.

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