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The Truth Behind Common Root Canal Myths

Cleaning And Shaping Root Canal

Truth Behind Common Root Canal Myths Dr. Spalitto’s primary goal is to brighten your smile. Unfortunately, tooth decay can seriously compromise this goal. Advanced tooth decay may require a root canal, which is a routine procedure addressing cavities that reach the tooth’s interior. As invaluable as root canals are to dental health, many people misunderstand the procedure’s place in professional dental care. Recognizing the necessity and benefits of a root canal can help you better understand this type of treatment.

Myth: Root Canals Damage Teeth

When Dr. Spalitto performs a root canal, he creates a small hole that reaches the inside of the tooth. Through this hole, he can extract infected tissues from the tooth interior. While this hole may very slightly compromise the overall strength of the tooth, an untreated infection can cause considerably more damage. If an infection is left to fester, it will affect not only your tooth, but also the surrounding gum tissue and bone. Root canals both stop infections and preserve the integrity of teeth.

Myth: Tooth Infections Can Heal Without Root Canals

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics to eliminate infections in the body. Once bacteria reach the interior of a tooth, however, affected tissues will continue to decay until Dr. Spalitto manually extracts them. During root canal therapy, Dr. Spalitto might introduce medication that can kill lingering bacteria, but the only way to fully address a tooth infection—short of tooth extraction, that is—is through a root canal.

Myth: Root Canals Hurt

Severe procedural pain is perhaps one of the most prevalent misconceptions about root canals. In fact, a root canal is a minimally invasive procedure that is more comfortable than you might imagine. Dr. Spalitto always has the comfort of his patients in mind when providing treatment; if you require a root canal, Dr. Spalitto will administer pain relief agents to block discomfort during the procedure. If you normally experience dental anxiety, he can also offer sedation dentistry services to relax you as you undergo treatment. This will allow you to get the care you need without pain or stress.