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Benefits of Same Day Crowns

If you’ve got a tooth that’s badly damaged, sometimes it will need to be extracted. In other cases, though, the damaged tooth can be repaired with a crown. Crowns look like a natural part of the tooth, and when a dental crown is used to cap damaged teeth, it strengthens the tooth and protects it from sustaining further damage. The problem, traditionally, has been that getting a tooth crown takes several appointments.

It used to be that, at the initial appointment, the dentist would prepare the tooth to receive a crown by shaving off some of the enamel. An impression of the damaged tooth would then be made, using dental putty, and that impression would be sent to an offsite dental laboratory, where the new crown would be prepared. The patient would go home with a temporary crown and wait, sometimes for several weeks, for another appointment in which the new crown would be placed. Often, that appointment would involve several adjustments, so that the crown on tooth fit would be more secure.

Today, advances in medical technology have made same day crowns a reality.

Break your tooth before a big presentation or, worse, your wedding? No problem! You’ll have a beautiful new tooth this very day. How is this possible? The same day dental crown procedure is made possible using 3D imaging and computer-aided design and manufacturing. This means you never have to have an unpleasant and unsightly temporary crown, and you don’t have to come back for multiple dental appointments. There are several benefits to replacing tooth crowns the same day.

  • First, there’s the aesthetic factor. The technology used to create same day crowns allows for the production of crowns in many different shades, so it’s easy for the dentist to match your natural teeth. The crowns look and feel natural, and no one will even know you have a crown because it looks just like a real tooth. The digital dental impression that’s created is so accurate that the crown will rarely need alterations before it can be placed, and because they’re highly customizable, they fit extremely well and allow for a superior bite pattern.
  • Same day crowns are durable. They’re made of ceramic and stronger than traditional crowns, so they’re long-lasting. You can’t break them by biting down or clenching your teeth, and their durability is enhanced by the fact that less healthy tissue needs to be removed for their installation. The fact that the natural tooth is not weakened to place the crown means the crown itself will be more durable.
  • There’s no dental putty involved with same day crowns. Let’s face it: no one likes dental putty. It tastes bad and it’s uncomfortable to have in your mouth while a mold is being made. With the digital mapping used for same day crowns, there’s no need for a dental impression, and that means no putty.
  • Same day crowns are more comfortable. While traditional crowns are often uncomfortable, same day crowns feel the same as a natural tooth. Further, you won’t have to worry about a temporary crown coming loose and injuring the neighboring teeth and gums. And because same day crowns are more durable, they protect your tooth’s integrity, guarding against pain and infection.

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