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  • Benefits of Same Day Crowns

    If you’ve got a tooth that’s badly damaged, sometimes it will need to be extracted. In other cases, though, the damaged tooth can be repaired with a crown. Crowns look like a natural part of the tooth, and when a dental crown is used to cap damaged teeth, it strengthens the tooth and protects it from sustaining further damage. The problem, traditionally, has been that getting a tooth crown takes several appointments.

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  • Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal?

    Has your dentist or endodontist suggested that you might need a root canal? A root canal is performed to deal with pain and infection inside a tooth. To address these issues, the dentist makes a hole in the interior of the tooth with a drill, then uses dental files to remove soft tissue. After this is completed, the outside structure of the tooth must be restored. Does this always require a crown? It largely depends on your unique situation, but in most cases, you will need a dental crown after a root canal procedure.

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  • Tips for Teens to Care for Invisalign at School

    Invisalign is a great option for teenagers, because it’s low-maintenance, more comfortable than traditional braces, and practically invisible. Your teen can achieve a straighter smile without worrying about a smile that’s impeded by ugly metal and wires.

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  • Invisalign Benefits

    Is your smile everything it could be? If your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like, it might be time to consider Invisalign. Invisalign’s clear aligners are the perfect alternative to traditional braces and can improve most smiles discreetly and gradually, with fewer appointments than you’d expect from old-school braces.  How can Invisalign braces benefit you? Let’s discuss.

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  • Teeth Grinding Causes & What to Do

    Do you grind your teeth? Many people either grind or clench their teeth, sometimes without even realizing it. The medical term for grinding or clenching teeth is bruxism. Sometimes, people grind their teeth in their sleep, and sleep bruxism is a sleep disorder that’s categorized as a sleep related movement disorder. Over time, teeth grinding can damage teeth and dental restorations causing oral health concerns.

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  • Sedation Dentistry Without Needles

    Did you know that about 30 percent of the population avoids going to the dentist because of fear? Does this surprise you or is it all too familiar? If you’re nervous about going to the dentist, the idea of sedation dentistry might appeal to you. Being able to relax during your dental treatment and not remember it afterward may sound like a dream come true! What happens, though, if you’re afraid of needles? Don’t worry!

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  • In Office Whitening Special

    Do you daydream of having a brighter, whiter smile, with no discolored teeth? Maybe you’ve even tried over the counter teeth whitening products without success. You might be aware that there are excellent in-office whiteners that can turn your stained teeth into a beautiful smile, but you might think that they’re too expensive for a splurge. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck! West County Dental is currently offering teeth whitening at a special rate.  This allows more people to take advantage of a cutting edge whitening system that’s getting rave reviews. Better yet, it’s the whitening system awarded Best In-office Teeth Whitening System six years in a row by The Dental Advisor: Sinsational Smile Whitening.

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  • How to Clean Invisalign

    Invisalign is the most popular choice for teens and adults wanting to straighten their teeth quickly, effectively, and discreetly. While you get to skip dodging metal wires and brackets when brushing and flossing your teeth, it’s important to clean your removable Invisalign aligners to prevent discoloration and bacterial growth. Otherwise, your teeth may start to appear yellow, or you could develop bad breath. Follow this guide to keep your Invisalign clean.

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  • Benefits of Laser Dentistry

    Have you heard of laser dentistry? Innovative, minimally invasive laser instruments use highly focused beams of light to alter or remove tissue. Laser dentistry makes numerous dental procedures more efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable than ever.

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  • Eating Sweets Without the Cavities

    If you have a sweet tooth, it may feel impossible to resist your sugar cravings at times. Sugar isn’t just bad for your waistline—it also feeds the bacteria in your mouth. As these bacteria multiply, they produce acids and plaque that eat away at tooth enamel, increasing the risk of cavities.

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