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Cavity Fillings at Our St. Louis, MO Family Dental Center

If you’ve experienced sudden, throbbing pain in your tooth, you could have a cavity. Cavities and severe tooth decay are caused by bacteria lurking inside your mouth that turn sugars from the foods you eat into acids that can damage your tooth enamel. However, there’s nothing to fear. Today’s technology makes getting a cavity filled practically painless, especially when you visit West County Dental. St. Louis, MO patients of all ages rely on Dr. Pete Spalitto for tooth-colored fillings for their dental cavities. Should you ever have a dental concern, don’t hesitate to reach out to reserve a visit!

What Kind of Cavity Filling Materials Are Available?

As with any aspect of your medical or dental care, it’s essential to ensure you’re given all the necessary information to make an educated decision about your treatment.  Dr. Spalitto uses tooth-colored fillings (composite resins) for our St. Louis-area patients because they’re more natural-looking and versatile, making them suitable for both your front and back teeth. West County Dental is proud to feature cutting-edge dental techniques and equipment at our family dental practice, including light-cured tooth-colored fillings. Enjoy a long-lasting restorative solution that blends with the natural beauty of your smile when you trust our oral healthcare team.

Anxious About Getting Fillings? Here’s What to Expect

Cavity symptoms will vary but typically include tooth sensitivity, toothaches, swelling, and visible holes or dark stains on the hard surface of your teeth. If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, you should consult your dentist right away. Our procedure for cavity fillings at West County Dental is fairly quick and painless, thanks to anesthetics. Here’s what you can expect when you see us for tooth fillings:

  • Step 1: Desensitization – Our team will prepare for the procedure by numbing your teeth and gums to minimize any discomfort Our practice uses local anesthetics for the numbing process, but we also have sedation dentistry options for patients who get nervous or have a strong gag reflex.
  • Step 2: Remove Decay – Once your mouth has been numbed, Dr. Spalitto will remove the tooth decay using a tiny drill or other state-of-the-art dental tools. We’ll then clean the area thoroughly to prepare your tooth for the filling material and minimize the risk of infection.
  • Step 3: Add Filling – Once the decay has been removed, it’s time to insert the filling material into the hole left in your tooth’s surface. This will help protect your tooth from further decay while restoring its appearance and functionality.
  • Step 4: Follow-Up Care – Your mouth may remain numb after the procedure, but the anesthetic will wear off without any side effects. You’ll need to refrain from chewing or eating hot foods until the numbness fades to avoid injury. You may experience tooth sensitivity, but this usually subsides within a few days. If you experience any complications, see us for follow-up care.

Can Tooth Fillings Ever Cause Complications?

An ill-fitting or broken filling could cause significant pain, discomfort, or tooth sensitivity. It’s not uncommon for fillings to see wear-and-tear, especially if you clench or grind your teeth. Should you ever encounter infection or damage to your tooth fillings, please contact Dr. Spalitto immediately for follow-up dental care. Occasionally, we may recommend replacing fillings with crowns or implants.

What Can Happen If You Ignore Treating a Cavity?

Getting your cavity filled may not be your idea of a good time, but ignoring treatment can cause further complications. As tooth decay worsens, it may lead to more severe pain, swelling, infections, enamel damage, and eventual tooth loss. The pain could become so excruciating it interferes with your day-to-day life. Difficulty chewing could lead to significant weight loss and nutritional issues. Tooth decay could also lead to a tooth abscess, which is a more life-threatening bacterial infection requiring immediate care. The longer you procrastinate treatment, the more likely a root canal or tooth extraction may be needed instead of a simple filling to repair the damaged tooth enamel.

Experiencing a Toothache? Reserve a Visit Today!

If you need a cavity filling in the St. Louis or Chesterfield area, contact West County Dental to reserve a visit at your earliest convenience. Our practice provides urgent dental care for patients experiencing significant tooth or jaw pain. Catching a cavity early could allow you to minimize your discomfort or even reverse the effects of tooth decay. Dr. Spalitto and the rest of our team would also be happy to provide cavity prevention tips during your next cleaning and exam. Talk to us today!

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