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Dental Financing Options in St. Louis

Payment Options at West County Dental

West County Dental is committed to providing the St. Louis community with the best family dental care in the most affordable and timely manner. We offer multiple dental financing options to our St. Louis, MO patients. Our fees are determined by the amount of time spent, the high-quality materials used, and the precise laboratory work that may be involved. Every effort is made to keep down the cost of your dental care.

Payment Options at West County Dental

Please understand that filing insurance claims is a courtesy we extend to our patients. And although you have dental insurance coverage, you are responsible for the payment of your account at the time of service. For your convenience, we offer several payment options:

  • Cash
  • Credit card: We accept Mastercard/ Visa, Discover and American Express.
  • Financing: offering 6-12 month interest-free payment plans.
  • CareCredit Finacial OptionOffering 1 year 0% for general treatment and for Invisalign treatment.

Care Credit Patient Financing Plans

Financing With CareCredit

We offer financing through CareCredit. Think of CareCredit as a healthcare credit card for dental and medical needs. CareCredit provides users the financial freedom to receive dental services when they need them instead of waiting for them. CareCredit offers six month to one-year 0% for general treatment.

Dental Insurance

We will be happy to assist you in processing your dental insurance claims. We strive to help you receive your maximum benefits under your dentist insurance policy, but please remember that the relationship between you and your insurance company is ultimately responsible for payment. We are not responsible for how your company handles its claims or what benefits they pay on a claim.

Common Questions About Dental Insurance

Do you take my dental insurance?

If you belong to a traditional insurance plan (sometimes called an indemnity plan), we can assist you by filing your insurance claim. Standard dental insurance is typically one in which you can choose any dentist you desire. If you are not sure what type of plan you have, please contact your dental insurance provider.

Why doesn’t my dental insurance cover the cost of my dental treatment?

Dental insurance isn’t insurance (defined as a payment to cover the cost of a loss) at all. Typically provided by an employer, it is a benefit that helps employees pay for routine dental treatment. The employer usually buys the plan based on the benefit amount and how much the premium costs per month. Most benefit plans are only designed to cover a portion of the total cost of treatment.

Dental insurance benefits differ significantly from general health insurance benefits. In 1971, dental insurance benefits were approximately $1000 per year. Figuring a 6% inflation rate, a patient should be receiving $4,549 per year in dental benefits. Premiums have increased, but benefits have not. Dental insurance is never a pay-all, it is only an aid. The patient gets back only what the employer puts in, less the insurance company’s profits. Remember, the goal of the insurance companies is NOT to help the patient obtain the best quality dentistry. Their mission is to garner profit for the insurance company stockholders.

But my plan says that my exams and specific other procedures are covered 100 percent?

That 100 percent generally refers to what the insurance carrier allows as payment towards the procedure, not what West County Dental or any other dentist in the St. Louis area may charge for that service.

I received an Explanation of Benefits from my insurance carrier that says my dental bill exceeded the “usual and customary”. Does this mean that the dentist is charging more than they should?

Many carriers refer to their allowed payments as UCR, which stands for “usual, customary, and reasonable.” However, this does not mean precisely what it seems to suggest. UCR is a listing of payments for treatment negotiated by your employer and the insurance company. The payment listing is related to the cost of the premiums and the geographical area where you live. An insurance company surveys the geographical area, calculates an average fee, takes 80% of that fee, and considers it customary. This survey includes discount clinics and managed-care facilities, which bring down the average. In almost all cases, the UCR payments are usually less – and frequently much less – than what any fee-for-service private practice dentist in the St. Louis area may charge for these dental procedures.

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West County Dental puts your dental health first. We’ll help you find a way to pay through financing and other options if you don’t have enough dental insurance coverage. We’re committed to keeping your costs as low as possible with the highest quality service. Contact us today to reserve an appointment.

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