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Thank you for visiting our website. Below you can read what patients are saying about West County Dental and Dr. Pete Spalitto.


“Dr. Spalitto and his staff are very professional and compassionate. Dr. Spalitto is very current with all procedures and makes your dental experience as “pleasant” as possible! I like his approach to dentistry by explaining what he thinks is the best option, but also gives you alternatives if there are any. His costs are very comparable to any other dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. Spalitto to any friends or family.”

“I am very happy that I have found Dr. Spalitto to be my toddler’s dentist. Dr. Spalitto is very kind and spends ample time with us when we’re there. I feel as if he treats us like he would treat his own family. The office is updated and very clean. The TVs in each treatment room really heped my son relax. Everybody in the office works well together and I get the impression every time I am there that his staff members are very happy working there with him. We look forward to many more years of continued care with Dr. Spalitto.”

“Dr. Spalitto and his staff are true professionals. A pleasure to visit everytime. I have been with Dr. Spalitto for years now and have never been more pleased with a dentist. Since seeing Dr. Spalitto I now take my children to him. He is great with all ages. Friendly, professional, and modern practice.”

“I enjoy West County Dental, and Dr Pete Spalitto for a few reasons. In my experience dealing with medical/dental professionals there always seems to be lack of communication. This is not the case with him and his associates. The communication is great and they make you feel like you are their number one patient. You can see they Dr Pete enjoys his profession and is passionate, and as a client that makes you feel more comfortable about your treatment. I would recommend him and his practice to anyone who is looking for a dentist. He is at the top of cutting edge technology, knows his industry and is willing to help in anyway. Dr Pete thanks for your professionlism.”

“Dr. Spalitto is knowledgeable in the most advanced dental procedures and has state of art technology in place. He is also pain free, best chair side manner I’ve ever experienced but most of all he is absolutely trustworthy.”

“I moved far enough away that I needed to find a new dentist. I thoroughly researched the ones in my new area and chose Dr. Pete Spalitto. After my initial consultation (prior to any work), I felt quite at peace that I found a doctor who has a true heart for the well-being of his patients. Dr. Spalitto and his staff make you feel very comfortable in what could easily be an uncomfortable environment. The office is lovely, the staff congenial, and the care I received was, and is, excellent. They have state-of-the-art equipment that ensures your procedures will be done the best way possible. I feel very blessed to have made the right choice! I would highly recommend Dr. Spalitto and his staff to anyone desiring ‘more’ than just a dentist. I feel that he and his staff have a genuine desire for my health…what more could you ask for?”

“I started using Pete when he was in Kansas City working along with his father. He was exceptional then and remains now! Pete is laid back, friendly, and has a great demeanor with his patients. His staff is A+ and you can immediately tell when you walk in that they enjoy working with Dr. Spalitto. Pete is a great guy.”

“Teamwork in motion, is the best way I can describe Dr. Spalitto and the team at West County Dental. Everyone is friendly, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. I’ve had cleanings, check ups, fillings, a mouth guard, and teeth whitening. All went very well, and I’m completely satisfied. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Pete’s office to anyone. You’d be hard pressed to find better dental care!”

“Dr. Spalitto cured my phobia of dentists! I have one particular cavity that has needed to be filled three times by my past dentist. Each time the cavity was filled, it was more and more painful, and, apparently, he never actually fully drilled out the cavity. Meaning, each time it was filled, there was still decay in my tooth. As a result, I developed a nearly paralyzing fear of dentists. When I went to see Dr. Spalitto, that same tooth’s cavity had come back and gotten much worse…and I was terrified. Dr. Spalitto and the hygienist numbed a good portion of my mouth (you could have punched me and the face and I wouldn’t of felt it!)- I didn’t even feel the injections before they numbed me. I was still obviously very nervous, so Dr. Spalitto gave me some nitrous to calm me down and gave me some headphones so I could watch Netflix while he did his work and cancel out the noise of the drill. I did not feel a thing, I was relaxed, and now my tooth doesn’t hurt anymore!! I have never had such a relaxing (and PAIN FREE!!) experience at a dentist’s office.”

“I was really nervous to get my wisdom teeth removed, but Dr. Pete and his staff made me really comfortable. He made sure I understood exactly what he was going to do and he made sure I was completely numbed before he began. Any time during the procedure I felt any pain or needed a break, he backed away until I was ready to begin again. The procedure went 1000 times better than I could’ve ever expected, and it was absolutely pain free.”

“I recently had my first crown done by Dr. Spalitto. The doctor and the staff do an excellent job making sure I was completely comfortable with the procedure and knowledgeable about the process and outcome. Dr. Spalitto always takes great pride in his work and customized my crown to a perfect match. His office uses the most up to date technology that makes dentistry fast, comfortable and convenient for his patients. I would highly recommend his practice!”

“I am 72 years old. As a young child my mother took us to the dentist often. The Dr we went to always made us plaster animals. After each visit we could choose which animal we wanted to take home. I have never been frightened to go for dental check-ups. Also, our family was blessed to have a loving brother in The Lord who took care of our growing families needs, but as times changed and I became older, our family Dr. retired and I found myself going to Drs that we’re in our insurance network. I began to have periodontal problems and the dentist that I was seeing suggested that I see a periodontal dentist. I learned that it most likely would be a very expensive and uncertain experience. When Dr. Spalitto was recommended to me, I had nothing to lose by visiting him. All it took was one visit to Dr. Spalitto to know that I once again was in the care of someone I trusted completely. Not only is he thorough, wise, honest, and most of all caring of me as one of his regular patients, but while I’m in his office, I feel as though I am visiting my family. I hope Dr. Spalitto will be there for me as long as I am alive!”

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