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  • “Same Day” Dental Procedures – How do they work?

    Can I Get My Teeth Fixed in One Day?

    The answer is a resounding “Yes!” with the newest advances in cutting-edge dentistry! Overhauling your smile in just one appointment is easier than you think, especially when your dentist utilizes the latest techniques and equipment. During the initial consultation, a dentist will examine your teeth and get a full understanding of what you would like to achieve. For dental procedures involving crowns and veneers, the dentist will remove a thin layer from the existing tooth before using a revolutionary 3D scanner to take an accurate photo. No messy, uncomfortable impressions here! Once the image is captured, an on-site milling device gets straight to work. This crown printing CAD-CAM technology creates a perfect model of your tooth using color-matching ceramic materials. When the crown or veneer is complete, the dentist simply places it on the existing tooth and off you go!

    Restoring damaged teeth with same-day crowns and veneers

    Does this describe you? Every time you look in the mirror, you’re disappointed in the appearance of your teeth, and although you know there are dental procedures out there that will help improve your smile, you worry about the time, cost and discomfort involved. You only have so many sick days and flu season is right around the corner, so “same day” dental procedures sound promising – but can you really receive high-quality dental implants without uncomfortable impressions, temporary fixes, and return dental visits? Yes! You can.

    Dental Filling or Bonding

    Utilizing CAD-CAM (Computer-Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology, West County Dental can make everything from crowns and dental implants to full or partial dentures all in one day.

    Replacing broken or missing teeth with same-day dental implants

    What better way to boost your self-confidence than by filling out your smile with perfect, natural-looking dentures or dental implants??

    Traditional dental implant procedures require months between visits and multiple recovery periods, but with the advanced technology of a high-tech family dental office, you can have everything done in one session! Using 3D digital imaging and the latest surgical techniques, a dentist can place the dental implants and securely attach new prosthetic teeth right there in the office.

    With just one short recovery period and instant results, this permanent and effective solution will surely give you something to smile about.

    What are you waiting for?

    A fast, easy, and affordable solution for achieving the smile you’ve always wanted is possible with same day crowns, dentures, and dental services. All you need is an experienced family dental team like West County Dental to create perfect, natural-looking teeth in a single visit with the most advanced 3D scanning and crown printing technologies available. To see if you are a good candidate for same-day dental implants or to find out more information about same day crowns, contact Dr. Pete Spalitto and the West County Dental team.