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  • Dealing With a Dental Emergency

    You never know when you will have a dental emergency, but knowing what to do in an emergency situation can help your dentist who practices family dentistry in St. Louis save your beautiful smile. Watch this video to inform yourself about how to deal with a dental emergency appropriately.

    Sports injuries, falls, and other accidents can all lead to a dental emergency. If you find yourself in one of these situations, first apply a cold compress to your cheek where the injury occurred. After this step is completed, rinse your mouth with warm water. If you bit your tongue, lip, or cheek, seek immediate medical attention if the bleeding does not stop. Also, if you believe you broke your jaw contact a professional immediately. If your tooth falls out due to an injury be sure to keep it moist in a glass of water or milk, or in its original tooth socket until you can get to the dentist office.

    At West County Dental, Dr. Spalitto typically fits dental emergencies into his schedule and treats them all in the same day!