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Oral Sedation in St. Louis

We know adults and children alike may feel anxious at the mere thought of coming to a dentist’s office, even avoiding or putting off important dental care just to steer clear of a dentist’s chair. Sometimes a bad experience is at the root of your anxiety—or perhaps it’s a fear of the unknown and strange treatments or tools in a dental clinic. At West County Dental, we strive to make patients feel calm and comfortable during every step of their experience with us, from answering questions in advance by telephone prior to your actual dental exam.

If you’re nervous about getting a checkup, we encourage you to look at the information on our site about sedation dentistry to relieve discomfort or contact our office to schedule a private appointment, where you can ask questions until you feel confident about your dental healthcare.

What is Oral Sedation Dentistry?

There are a few types of sedation used in dental work to reduce anxiety and make the procedure pass quickly and painlessly. Oral sedation, or enteral sedation, is usually taken in oral form (usually a pill) or in combination with nitrous oxide. While you’ll remain awake during the entire procedure and breathe on your own, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed. After the sedation has worn off, most patients have little memory of their time in the dentist’s chair.

Oral Sedation is Safe for Most Patients

Candidates for oral sedation include anyone who is anxious about sitting still in a dental chair during a dental treatment such as a root canal or filling, including patients who haven’t been to the dentist in a long time might be nervous. Because you remain awake and breathing independently, it’s safe and easy to monitor; all patients need to do is swallow a small pill with water. Most people are sensitive to the sedation but don’t experience side effects, so you’ll feel drowsy enough to make your appointment pass quickly.

When Oral Sedation Can Be Used in our Dental Office

Oral sedation can be used for almost any of our dental procedures, including general dentistry and endodontics/root canals. When you visit us for an exam, we’ll perform a basic inspection while you’re wide awake, so we can talk to you about your dental health and choose a treatment plan that’s right for you—including type of sedation, if any.

After Your Dental Treatment with Oral Sedation

Patients feel a bit sleepy after oral sedation, so we recommend taking the rest of the day slowly and asking a friend or family member for a ride home to make sure you’re safe on the road. The only limitations on eating and drinking normal food will be based on the aftercare of the actual dental treatment itself, such as a root canal. Sedation simply makes the process easier.

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