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The 411 on Root Canals [INFOGRAPHIC]

Root Canals Infographic

Root canals are performed to save teeth when the dental pulp has become severely decayed or when a nerve has become infected. You may need a root canal if you have a large cavity that has gone untreated, you have a cracked tooth, or you have had repeated deep dental procedures on the same tooth. When patients find out that they need a root canal, they are often apprehensive because of what they have heard about root canal pain. In reality, root canals are as easy for patients as fillings, and a local anesthetic or sedation dentistry will keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Learn more about root canals in this infographic from West County Dental. Choose our practice when you need a dentist near St. Louis for preventative care and your general dentistry needs. Root canals are extremely common, so help others understand the facts behind the procedure by sharing this helpful information.


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