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Exploring the Recent Research on Juice and Cavities in Kids

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St. Louis Dentists Children should visit their St. Louis dentists regularly to ensure good oral health. Regular visits are important for inspecting teeth and gums and help families learn the best way to care for teeth, including the latest facts and research. Check out this research about juice and cavities in kids:

How Sugary Drinks Affect Teeth

We have all heard that sugary drinks are bad for your teeth. For the most part, that statement seems to be true. Artificial sugar is a main ingredient in many beverages that are popular with children in the United States. Many children are guzzling down soda, energy drinks, and artificially-enhanced fruit juices at meal times and even in between. Unfortunately, these sugary drinks contain acids that soften and weaken tooth enamel. Over time, this can lead to tooth decay that causes cavities and more if left untreated.

How 100% Fruit Juice Affects Teeth

A lot of fruit juice you see on grocery store shelves contains added sugar and other ingredients that make it unhealthy and especially bad for dental health. But recent studies show that 100% fruit juice without any additives or extra sugar does not have the same effect on dental health. Children who drink 100% fruit juice are no more likely to develop cavities than those who do not drink this tasty beverage. That means 100% fruit juice can be a healthy snack that provides children with vitamins and nutrients without harming tooth enamel.

What Children Should Drink

New research makes it clear that 100% fruit juice is a healthy choice for all members of the family, including children. But just like with any other food or drink, it is important to enjoy juice in moderation. Dark fruit juices can stain the teeth, especially if sipped slowly or for over a long period of time. Encourage children to consume plenty of water throughout the day to wash away residue and reduce the risk of staining the teeth. If you do happen to stain your teeth with fruit juice, you can always ask your dentist about teeth whitening in the future!