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Sedation Dentistry Without Needles

sedation dentistry

Did you know that about 30 percent of the population avoids going to the dentist because of fear? Does this surprise you or is it all too familiar? If you’re nervous about going to the dentist, the idea of sedation dentistry might appeal to you. Being able to relax during your dental treatment and not remember it afterward may sound like a dream come true! What happens, though, if you’re afraid of needles? Don’t worry!

You can experience sedation dentistry with no needles involved.

Sedation dentistry is important because it allows patients to get the dental treatment they need without fear and anxiety. When patients avoid the dentist because they’re afraid, they miss out on important dental care that can not only improve oral health but also protect the health of the entire body. So, what does a sedation dentist do?

It used to be that IV sedatives were administered to calm patients, but modern sedation dentistry has progressed far beyond that. While IV sedation is safe and effective, it’s not a good option for those who are afraid of needles. That’s why different techniques have been developed to sedate patients, including oral sedation and nitrous oxide gas.   While patients are very comfortable and typically won’t remember the visit, they are still at a level of consciousness that allows them to cooperate safely with the dentist. Typically, a local anesthetic is still required, but it’s injected after sedation has already taken effect, so the patient isn’t bothered by it and most likely won’t remember it.

The dentist at West County Dental are well-versed in sedation dentistry.

At our practice, we use two different types of sedation dentistry to help patients relax and get the treatment they need. Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is administered through a mask and provides a mild sedative effect. We also use oral conscious sedation, which allows the patient to relax but stay conscious in order to respond to the dentist. This kind of sedation is taken in pill form before the patient arrives, so it’s important for the patient to line up someone else to drive to and from the appointment.

At West County Dental, we provide personalized family dental care, including sedation dentistry, using state of the art procedures. Adhering to a standard of excellence, we provide comprehensive treatment, from preventive care to restorative dentistry. When you make an appointment with West County Dental, you can be confident that our team of highly-trained dental professionals will provide you the care you need for a healthy smile. Call (314) 488-2921 or contact us to reserve an appointment today!