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4 Ways Technology Has Improved Your Visit to the Dentist

3D imaging and crown printing

A dentist appointment may not be your idea of a good time, but taking care of your teeth is your number one ticket to lifelong oral health. Fortunately, dental visits are not what they used to be! Technology has revolutionized the face of dentistry as we know it by helping St. Louis dentists find new ways to reduce tooth pain and create faster, safer, and more comfortable dental procedures. From crowns in a day to laser dentistry, here are 4 ways technology is taking the fear out of going to the dentist:

No more pain!

If your fear of the dentist chair has prevented you from dealing with your tooth pain, then your day has come! Laser dentistry is virtually painless and can be used in a wide variety of dental procedures. The Solea system, for example, is a CO 2 dental laser that uses a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers to work on both hard and soft tissues. The resulting procedure is blood-free and anesthesia-free, and there are no needles, scary-looking drills, or bone-chilling noises. Best of all, you can go right back to work without the lingering numbing affects that often cause embarrassing drooling and slurred speech.

Instant results

In the past, those suffering from damaged, broken, or missing teeth needed numerous trips to the dentist, countless injections, and days or months spent recovering between procedures in order to achieve the results they were after. However, the latest advances in 3D imaging and crown printing have made effective same day dental procedures a reality. Using CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology, a non-invasive 3D scanner captures an image of your damaged teeth and an on-site milling device prints a perfect match within minutes. No temporary crowns, no messy impressions, and more of your natural tooth saved, all thanks to technology.

Interactive treatments at West County Dental

Faster, safer diagnoses

X-rays have always been an essential tool for diagnosing conditions of your teeth and gums, but traditional x-rays take time to create and expose patients to dangerous radiation. Modern digital X-rays have streamlined the diagnostic process. Since they immediately appear on computer screens, they can be digitally transferred to allow for faster communication between dentist and patient or enhanced for a more accurate diagnosis. Digital x-rays also provide greater comfort than traditional x-rays and reduce radiation exposure by 80-90%.

Interactive treatments

Have you always wondered exactly what the dentist sees when they look in your mouth? Well, now you can see for yourself with an intra-oral camera. This small device allows you to view the inside of your mouth in real time, giving the dentist an opportunity to further examine causes of tooth pain and discuss with you recommended dental procedures. The camera is also a great tool for pointing out where to focus on brushing, which allows you to maximize your dental hygiene routine.

When it comes to cutting-edge technology and effective dental procedures, the experienced team at West County Dental is the best in St. Louis, MO. We always stay ahead of the latest tools and techniques to bring you specialized dental care and fast, comfortable results.