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When Should a Child See a Dentist for the First Time

At West County Dental, we see patients of all ages. Many parents ask us when they should first start bringing their children in to see us. The answer is that you should bring your baby in as soon as that first baby tooth appears. Baby teeth usually start coming in (this is called eruption) at around six months. They may not be permanent but they’re important, and they do last for years if kept healthy. And at any age, dental health is a large part of overall health. If a child gets dental disease that is not treated, he or she can suffer serious health problems.

At home, you can protect your child from dental disease with a routine of daily brushing, regular dental visits and good nutrition. Children learn healthy dental habits from their parents, siblings and caregivers.

At your child’s first visit Dr. Spalitto and our team will do several things:

  • Learn your child’s health history
  • Give a complete oral exam to check his or her growth and development, oral hygiene, injuries, cavities or other problems
  • Assess whether your child is at risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease
  • Clean the child’s teeth and provide tips for daily care
  • Find out if your child is getting enough fluoride
  • Review any feeding practices that may lead to tooth decay
  • Discuss teething, pacifier use, or finger or thumb sucking habits
  • Discuss any further treatment if needed and reserve a visit for the next check-up

At West County Dental, we provide personalized family dental care using state of the art procedures. Adhering to a standard of excellence, we provide comprehensive treatment, from preventive care to restorative dentistry. When you reserve a visit with West County Dental, you can be confident that our team of highly-trained dental professionals will provide you the care you need for a healthy smile. Call (314) 488-2921 or contact us through our website today!