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Essential Information About Root Canals

Root Canals Treatment

root canals St. Louis

Your dentist may recommend root canal therapy to restore a tooth that has become badly damaged due to cavities or decay. Dental cavities and decay can damage the nerve root or infect the dental pulp of a tooth. If not treated, this damage and infection will necessitate tooth extraction. If you’re suffering from cavities near St. Louis , ask your dentist to perform a root canal procedure, so that you can avoid tooth extraction. At West County Dental, Dr. Spalitto is prepared to do emergency root canals. He and his team can get patients in and out in the same day, quickly treating their pain! He has been treating root canals for over twenty years, and does them in-house; no referrals!

Prior to your root canal procedure, your dentist will administer anesthesia. If you visit a sedation dentist, you’ll be given medication to calm your nerves and relax you. Your dentist will then drill a small access hole in your tooth, through which he’ll remove infected tissue and debris. He may then inject antibiotics into your tooth to prevent further infection.

After your tooth is completely cleaned, your dentist will fill the cavity of your tooth with dental materials, and seal the hole with dental cement. He’ll then place a dental crown over the top of your tooth to protect it from further infection or decay. The dental crown will also provide necessary structural support for your tooth, preventing it from breaking or cracking. West County Dental has the capability to do same day crowns. Also, if you prefer or require sedation dentistry, that can be discussed as part of the treatment plan!