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Understanding Dental Sedation

Understanding Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation If you have a fear or aversion of visiting the dentist, then dental sedation may be perfect for you. With sedation dentistry, medication is administered that will relax you and relieve you of your anxiety during the procedure. If you’re in need of a root canal, dental implant, dental crowns, or dental veneers, look into sedation dentistry in St. Louis . Read on to learn more, then contact Dr. Spalitto at West County Dental if you have additional questions about sedation dentistry.

Dental Sedation Will Relax You
Dental sedation will calm your fears and eliminate the anxiety that you may feel when visiting your dentist. If you tend to be anxious or on edge during dental procedures, dental sedation may be necessary to ensure that the dentist can safely perform the procedure without worrying that you will move or jerk away suddenly. Sleep dentistry can give you a sense of comfort and calm that you may not have experienced in other visits to the dentist. This can make your visits much less scary and overwhelming, and even encourage you to visit your dentist more often.

Dental Procedures Will Seem Faster and Easier
Sedation dentistry is often called sleep dentistry. This is due to the fact that although you do not actually fall asleep during the procedure, you do feel very calm and relaxed. This sleepy feeling you will experience can make a long dental procedure seem much faster and easier than it would if you were not sedated. The medication that your dentist administers will help you achieve a feeling similar to a trance, which may even cause you to forget most parts of your dental surgery.

Sedation Dentistry Encourages Dental Visits
Many people avoid regular visits to their family dentist because they assume they will experience pain and discomfort. A sedation dentist, such as Dr. Spalitto, can help you overcome this dental fear, as you become accustomed to the fact that your dental procedures will be performed while you are relaxed and calm. This will encourage you to visit your dentist more frequently, resulting in improved oral hygiene and dental health.