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Feeding Your Family a Mouth-Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet for Family

Mouth-Healthy Diet Practicing good oral hygiene will help you avoid dental problems for a lifetime. Brushing, flossing, and making regular visits to West County Dental of St. Louis can prevent gum disease and tooth decay. However, good hygiene practices may not mean as much if you don’t eat a mouth-healthy diet. The foods and beverages you consume greatly impact the health of your teeth and gums. To keep your smile strong, keep these diet suggestions in mind:

Focus on Fresh Produce

Dr. Spalitto of West County Dental stresses the importance of eating fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are beneficial for healthy teeth and gums. Many fruits and vegetables are fibrous, which helps with the natural cleaning of oral contaminants. Vegetables typically have low sugar content as well, which limits the ability of bacteria to create plaque. In addition, produce is dense in nutrients, and can provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals that fortify tooth and gum health.

Include Calcium-Rich Products

The bone that supports your teeth is made largely of calcium. This substance helps teeth retain a strong and rigid structure, which is necessary for chewing and eating. Consuming plenty of calcium-rich products—including low fat milk, yogurt, and cheese—can provide ample amounts of calcium to support your oral health.

Restrict Sweet Beverages

Many people know that residual food particles can get stuck between teeth, hastening the development of plaque and gum disease. As a result, they might wash down their meals with a large cup of cola, fruit juice, or sweetened tea in the hopes of dislodging food remnants and lowering the risk of cavities. Unfortunately, sugary beverages only heighten the danger of tooth decay. If you normally drink soda, juice, or another sugar-laden drink, that could be the reason for your dental issues. Instead, make water your beverage of choice. This single change to your diet could dramatically reduce tooth decay and improve your general wellbeing.