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What to Do About Your Single Missing Tooth

Dental implant for missing tooth

St. Louis Dentist If you are missing one tooth, your St. Louis dentist can use an all-ceramic crown on a dental implant to instantly restore the look and feel of your natural smile.

These implants serve as both a root and a replacement tooth to help you get the optimal function for your mouth. Unlike traditional dental implants, though, this option is put in as a single unit so you can get fast results, a reduced treatment time, and less pain. With the proper care, these all-ceramic crowns on dental implants provide lifelong results.

This kind of dental implant procedure takes much less time to heal, which allows you to return to your normal activities shortly after you get the treatment. The dentist will install the implant and attach the new dental crown as soon as the implant fuses with the jawbone. You can expect natural-looking results that help you restore normal mouth functions.