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Tooth Sensitivity Solutions in St. Louis, MO

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

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West County Dental diagnoses and treats patients in St. Louis, MO for teeth sensitivity issues. We understand the painful chill many patients feel as they lick ice cream or drink an ice-cold beverage. Many people experience tooth sensitivity after fillings or other dental treatments. We’ll help you understand the causes of tooth sensitivity and find a solution to eliminate it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Why are My Teeth Sensitive All of A Sudden?

If you experience sudden tooth sensitivity, it’s essential to find the cause of the pain. Often, a broken or loose dental restoration cause sudden tooth sensitivity. The other most common causes of tooth sensitivity include:

  • A crack, fracture, or decay in the tooth
  • Side effect following a dental procedure
  • Exposure of roots from gum disease or receding gums
  • Sinus pressure
  • Brushing too aggressively
  • Acidic foods weakening the enamel
  • Grinding teeth
  • Damaged or missing dental restorations

How to Treat Sensitive Teeth

The first step in treating sensitive teeth is to find the cause of the pain. After we determine the cause of your tooth sensitivity, we’ll start the proper treatment. The most common reasons and remedies for sensitive teeth include:

  • Topical Problems –Eating and drinking too many acidic foods and beverages are the most manageable tooth sensitivity issues to treat. It’s best to reduce the use of acidic foods and drinks to alleviate sensitivity.
  • Receding Gums – We’ll begin treating gum disease or receding gums with a deep dental cleaning to remove plaque buildup and tartar around the gum line.
  • Bruxism – If you grind your teeth due to stress, we recommend stress-management techniques like yoga and meditation. We can create a custom mouthguard to wear overnight to help protect the surface of your teeth and reduce impact. 

Can Tooth Sensitivity Disappear?

Typically, tooth sensitivity does not disappear without treatment. Some cases may resolve on their own, but most cases of tooth sensitivity require minor treatment. Sensitivity is not always considered persistent discomfort as it is often caused by consuming cold beverages or triggered by specific circumstances. If you have concerns about tooth sensitivity, it’s always best to discuss it with us to determine the proper treatment.

How to Whiten Sensitive Teeth

West County Dental offers customized teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. It’s perfectly okay to whiten sensitive teeth with professional treatments that help lower the risk of teeth sensitivity. Our dental team knows your teeth and will customize your professional whitening treatments to meet your needs.

When to See a Dentist for Sensitive Teeth

Dental sensitivity isn’t usually an emergency but often signals other dental issues. If you experience any of these dental issues, contact us immediately:

  • Suddenly sensitive and painful teeth
  • Sharp or shooting pain
  • Persistent pain
  • Cracked or decaying tooth
  • Receding gums
  • Loose teeth

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West Count Dental in St. Louis, MO., is the area’s premier leader in professional dental treatments. We put your dental health first and will perform customized treatments for your sensitive teeth. We understand the pain and hassle of sensitive teeth. Our innovative dental treatments help you feel as comfortable as possible during your dental visit. When you experience tooth sensitivity, call us to help alleviate the issue. Contact us today to reserve an appointment!

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