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When Are Root Canals Necessary?

Root Canal Procedure

root canal St. Louis Root canals are common procedures used to save a tooth that is decayed or damaged. Although the procedure has a reputation for causing anxiety in dental patients, in reality, most find it to be similar to having a filling. If you have questions about root canals in St. Louis, talk to your dentist about what to expect during your procedure. Here are some of the reasons why your family dentist may recommend a root canal.

Deep Cavities
In some cases, cavities can be treated with a dental filling. However, when the decay is deep in the tooth, a root canal may be necessary. Your dentist will recommend a root canal if the decay has infected the pulp of your tooth. Performing a root canal allows your dentist to remove the decay completely, so that it doesn’t affect your jaw or neighboring teeth. Note that the level of pain associated with your decayed tooth is not an indication of how deep the decay is. In some cases, very deep decay may not cause pain.

If the pulp of your tooth becomes decayed and dies, a pus pocket may form at the end of the root. The abscess will continue to collect pus and grow, and it may form a pimple-like bump on the gums. Left untreated, an abscess will grow and cause an infection in the jaw bone and surrounding tissue that could lead to tooth loss. Your dentist can clean out the bacteria that are causing the abscess by performing a root canal.

If your tooth is hit with force, the nerve at the end of the root could be severed. As a result, the root will die. Likewise, if a fracture occurs, it could extend to the pulp. After a trauma, a root canal procedure with a crown can be used to restore the tooth. In some cases, the effects of a trauma aren’t seen until many years after an accident, when a root canal becomes necessary.

If you are experiencing symptoms of severe tooth decay, a dentist can help you determine if you need a root canal. At West County Dental, Dr. Spalitto and his team are ready to provide the family dentistry services you need. To schedule an appointment, please call (314) 821-2712.