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A Look at the Solea Dental Laser

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American Counseling Association Dr. Spalitto only uses the best dental resources to offer you the most comprehensive care for your oral health needs. The Solea dental laser is a high-tech dental tool that provides a pain-free way to get the oral care you need. This laser and one of the top dentists in St. Louis can completely change the way you care for your teeth and gums. The Laser allows for patients to have no numbing in 95% procedures that it can used on. This is only the second Laser of its kind in St. Louis. This Laser is Revolutionary for Dentistry and will change the way people feel about Dentistry as a whole. No pain, no anesthesia, no drill and less time in the chair. Keep reading to find out how:

The First of Its Kind

Solea is the first CO2 laser system that has earned FDA approval for both hard and soft tissue ablation. Using this impressive technology, Dr. Spalitto can now offer more precise treatment than ever before. The Solea dental laser is quick and quiet, which helps you get the care you need without dental anxiety affecting the way you feel during your visit. Patients who have had Solea treatments love the way the laser offers quick and efficient treatments.

No Anesthesia and No Blood

The Solea dental laser is so revolutionary because it allows dentists like Dr. Spalitto to perform important procedures without the need for anesthesia. Since the laser does all the cutting, patients do not bleed while they get their laser treatment. This saves you and Dr. Spalitto a lot of time. The laser allows the dentist to be as efficient as possible so you can get the treatment you need and get back to your busy day.

Complete Control

The Solea dental laser allows Dr. Spalitto to perfect his already impressive skills by giving him complete control as he performs various dental procedures. The laser comes with a Computer Aided Preparation (CAP) system that includes a hand piece, a foot pedal, and a touch screen to give Dr. Spalitto complete control over the procedure from start to finish. If you are in need of dental treatment, schedule a visit with Dr. Spalitto to find out how the Solea dental laser can work for you.

This Laser offers patients an entire new experience at the Dentist. Dr. Spalitto knows it is important to have the most cutting edge technology to offer his patients and with the Solea Laser he does it again.