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Sedation Dentistry in St. Louis

Here at West County Dental, we understand that going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable part of life that gets in the way and doesn’t feel good. We are aiming to completely reinvent what it means to go to the dentist and are proud to introduce a Sedation Dentistry program in our office for all of our patients. The trappings of modern day life have afforded us many luxuries we didn’t think possible and we believe that bringing some of those to the dental experience can greatly enhance our patient visits and dental procedures. We aim for comfortable dental care during all of our dental services and we know that our relaxation options will help all of our patients, from kids to adults.

Office Amenities

Often times, medical practices can have dry, cold offices for a sterile environment. We provide comfortable, warm blankets, medicated lip balm and plush chairs for our patients during their dental procedures. Depending on the procedure, sometimes there is a bit of discomfort and we believe that with our new amenities for our patients, we can minimize the hurt and maximize the experience. We always want to put our loyal clients first who have helped make West County Dental into the practice it has become. These relaxation techniques will make your next visit the dentist comfortable and put you at ease!

Comfortable Dental Care in St. Louis

In 2016, most of us have small and powerful computers in our pockets at all times with the ability to access information and content at the press (or swipe!) of a button or screen. Here at West County Dental, we are proud to offer free Wifi for all of our patients as well as wireless headphones for listening to soothing music or watching one of our TVs in every patient room! We believe that letting our patients enjoy their favorite content or music while having dental work done can better relax them, and in turn we can better perform the important dental work that is needed. Say goodbye to the days of keeping your mouth open under a bright light with nowhere to turn - sit back and enjoy our TV or relaxing music during your procedure.

Dental Services in St. Louis

We are excited for our Relaxation Dentistry program to kick off and hope you will join us soon to experience our new set of amenities and services we can provide during your next dental visit. You shouldn’t feel uneasy during a dental procedure, and we know from experience that people often are not excited about coming to the dentist. With all of our relaxation experiences, we aim to make the dentist a place people are excited to come because healthy teeth means a healthy life. Being comfortable and calm during that experience shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Call us at (314) 821-2712 to hear more about all of our new sedation amenities and to inquire about our dental services. We look forward to serving you today..

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