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Types of Dental Sedation

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you may want to consider visiting a sedation dentist who practices family dentistry near St. Louis. Many dental patients feel nervous or afraid before going to the ...
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Understanding Dental Sedation

If you have a fear or aversion of visiting the dentist, then dental sedation may be perfect for you. With sedation dentistry, medication is administered that will relax you and relieve you of your ...
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A Look at IV Sedation

Dr. Spalitto works hard to offer his patients the kind of services they need to maintain clean and healthy smiles. Keep reading to learn more about his IV sedation dentistry in St. Louis and how it ...
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Take a Bite Out of Dental Anxiety with Sedation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Has fear been keeping you out of the dental chair? Don't worry—you're not alone. Millions of Americans have anxiety about going to the dentist, and many people in that group are so ...
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The Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

Are you one of the many people who postpone or completely avoid to your dentist serving St. Louis because of fear? Dental phobia is a common problem, but help is available if only you talk to your ...
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