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What You Should Know Before a Root Canal

At your last dental visit, your dentist uttered two words that many people fear: root canal. While the procedure will eliminate your lingering tooth pain and hopefully reduce your immense sensitivity ...
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How Do Root Canals Work?

If you have learned that you may need a root canal procedure, you may be wondering what exactly this procedure entails. Root canal technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and your St. ...
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Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Root canals in St. Louis are routine and completely safe procedures. While some people feel understandably anxious about the idea of root canals, an experienced dentist like Dr. Spalitto can guide you ...
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Inside the Root Canal Procedure

Root canals in St. Louis are common procedures in family dentistry. A dentist advises patients to have a root canal when the tooth’s inner pulp becomes infected or inflamed. Most often, patients ...
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What to Expect After a Root Canal

After root canals in St. Louis with Dr. Spalitto, you can expect some tenderness, but an overall quick recovery. Some patients may be wondering, what is a root canal? Root canals are procedures ...
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When Are Root Canals Necessary?

Root canals are common procedures used to save a tooth that is decayed or damaged. Although the procedure has a reputation for causing anxiety in dental patients, in reality, most find it to be ...
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Essential Information About Root Canals

Your dentist may recommend root canal therapy to restore a tooth that has become badly damaged due to cavities or decay. Dental cavities and decay can damage the nerve root or infect the dental pulp ...
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Getting Ready for Your Root Canal

Root canals get a bad rap. Patients often fear this procedure before actually having it, but your dentist can tell you that it's really a simple process that usually doesn't cause any more ...
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