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Is Laser Dentistry Really Pain Free?

Most people would advise against sticking sharp metal things in your mouth, but then dentists come at you with a noisy metal drill and that’s supposed to be normal? No wonder people are afraid ...
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Precise Dentistry with the Solea Laser

Can you imagine going to the dentist and receiving painless treatment for tooth decay without anesthesia? With the Solea Laser, that dream has become a reality. Approved by the FDA in 1990, the Solea ...
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Treating Gum Disease with Lasers

Laser dentistry is an increasingly popular way for Dr. Spalitto, a dentist near St. Louis, to treat gum disease. Gum disease can pose serious risks to your oral and overall health. When plaque ...
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Answers to Your Questions About Laser Dentistry

Has your dentist in St. Louis started using laser dentistry ? Laser dentistry is an innovative new technique in family dental care that allows dentists to perform both routine and complex procedures ...
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Answers to Your Questions About Laser Dentistry

Have you been to the dentist in St. Louis and noticed that your dental professional is using a laser? Most people have, but laser dentistry still remains a mystery to most. Dr. Spalitto’s team ...
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What Sets the Solea Laser Apart from Other Dental Lasers?

The Solea laser is a dental tool that is used in more advanced dental offices in St. Louis in place of a drill. The Solea laser can be used in the majority of dental procedures, including filling ...
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The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dr. Spalitto uses the newest technology to offer all of his patients the best care. Laser dentistry helps this St. Louis dentist to make dental visits more effective and more comfortable and more ...
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A Look at the Solea Dental Laser

Dr. Spalitto only uses the best dental resources to offer you the most comprehensive care for your oral health needs. The Solea dental laser is a high-tech dental tool that provides a pain-free way to ...
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What is Laser Dentistry?

Your St. Louis dentist can help you get the dental care you need without traditional surgery thanks to laser dentistry! This technique utilizes the innovative power of lasers to provide patients with ...
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All About Laser Dentistry [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're like many people, going to a dentist serving St. Louis for a filling or periodontal disease treatment may not be high on your list of favorite things. However, thanks to laser dentistry, ...
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