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4 Tips to Save Time and Money at the Dentist

If you are one of the many people who have shied away from visiting the dentist because of time or money issues, you are definitely not alone. The huge cost of dental care can create financial ...
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Protecting Your Teeth

Dentists in St. Louis, like Dr. Spalitto, are dedicated to keeping your smile healthy. In this video, the ADA suggests wearing a mouthguard whenever you participate in any athletic activity. In family ...
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What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Dr. Spalitto, your dentist in St. Louis, is committed to helping your family achieve good oral health at all stages of life. That is why baby bottle tooth decay is one issue our family dentistry ...
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What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

Visiting your dentist regularly is key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Regular dental exams and dental cleanings can help you avoid dangerous oral problems, such as periodontal disease, and ...
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Help Your Child Have a Happy Dental Visit

A lifetime of good oral health starts in childhood. Dr. Pete Spalitto understands this, which is why he works hard to create a dentist office near St. Louis that caters to children and their unique ...
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What Happens at Your Child's First Dental Visit?

When you bring your child in for the first visit at Dr. Spalitto’s dentist office near St. Louis, you can expect a visit that jumpstarts a lifetime of good dental hygiene. Focusing on dental ...
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Feeding Your Family a Mouth-Healthy Diet

Practicing good oral hygiene will help you avoid dental problems for a lifetime. Brushing, flossing, and making regular visits to West County Dental of St. Louis can prevent gum disease and tooth ...
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The Importance of Visiting the Dentist

Home dental care is crucial for preventing cavities and gum disease. As this video explains, seeing a dentist is an equally important part of oral health. Dr. Spalitto of West County Dental is an ...
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What to Expect from Your Child's Dental Visit

You can schedule an appointment for your child with a family dentist in West County of St. Louis as soon as his or her first tooth begins to grow. Taking care of your child’s teeth and gums ...
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Taking Care of Your Child's Teeth

As soon as your child begins getting his or her baby teeth, it’s time to talk to your dentist in West County of St. Louis about proper care. These first teeth may not be permanent, but they help ...
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Tips for Coping with Dental Anxiety

Varying levels of dental fear or anxiety are pretty common problems that keep far too many people from getting the oral care they need. If you struggle with these issues, keep reading to find out how ...
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Tips for Preventing Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a common problem seen by dentists, but it's not unavoidable. There are many things you can do to prevent tooth loss and avoid the complications and inconveniences that come with it, ...
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